Monday, January 23, 2023


                                                    Important Update

Well, it has been longer than I had planned since the last post so I will explain. In early September my wife was hospitalised with an infection causing some delirium. She had already had a challenging time with her dementia increasing and this was the final blow. She eventually transferred to respite but this only confirmed she needed to enter full time care. Accordingly, I have not had much time for trains as we got her settled and our affairs put in order. I probably spend more time with her than most husbands but I need to do that; it may change in time.
 So what is the immediate future for Borenore? It has been temporally shelved, literally as it has been lifted and placed on shelves above the trestles, one of the benefits of the lightweight aluminum tube modules. I have moved my branch line terminus into its place and will connect it to the traverser to give me some immediate running, albeit point to point. Work on Borenore will continue in the form of buildings and point work, all on the work bench. I will post these results on the blog as they come to fruition. I still need to get some parts made for the station building and get some parts for the goods shed deck and loading bank. Some of the buildings will be temporarily place on the terminus. I am still visiting the EMRCI on occasions, so the hobby is still on my agenda.
In the meantime I have also been rationalizing my collection, if it does not fit the train running on the branch or future Borenore and a few consists for Binalong/Bethungara the out it goes. Just a final thought, if you are pover 60 y.o. and have not thought about what may happen in your future it maybe worth a few hours of research and consideration. We were reasonably well placed as this day has been coming for some years but it did not fully equip us for such a massive change of circumstances.
Hopefully the next post will be some minor buildings. 
Cheers Phil


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  1. All the best Phil in this challenging time.


                                                                   Important Update Well, it has been longer than I had planned since the ...